Don’t get panic over ranking issues, says Google

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Recently Google has allowed you to send URLs to their index in the Google search result page. Google has said that they will show the URLs only by its ranking and not by submitting URLs in their index only.

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Since April 7, the tool is showing “no data available” notifications to the users who were checking to confirm their link in the searching tool.

Now, Google has confirmed and console their users that they are actively working on it and will sort out the problem soon. Later Google has said that the problem of reporting bug is common and there will be no such influence on your actual search rankings. So don’t get panic by seeing reports that shows no data for your links. It’s a reporting problem and it doesn’t mean that Google understands your site has no links. Google will fix this reporting bug soon. Google’s John Mueller has said “this is a known issue at the moment, and should be resolved in the near future”.

Now send URL’s to Google in its search results


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