Homepages vs. Landing Pages: Higher Conversions Drive Paid Traffic

For your home page, if you’re directing your hard-won PPC, Facebook, Twitter or the banner ad traffic. This is, however, is a better way of the conversion happens on the landing pages. Your #homepage is not one of them, it is a hub and it’s a jump off point to the rest of your site’s content, as leading page destinations and it’s where you want the visitors to end up.

Let us look forward and to show you what this looks like as.

Where to Go and How You Get There

As you have decided to go on a vacation, you can call up your travel agents and you will have told him that you’re in the mood for the tropical climates, the white sand beaches, and the public intoxication. As the travel agent who moonlights as on the Uber driver can pick up you and you’re away.

But as instead of taking you to a resort he then drops you off at the airport and then leaves you there, with no idea where you’re going or what to do next.

It is as the prospects and your travel agent Uber driver is as your ad, and you had an idea of what you wanted and where you wanted to go, but instead of taking him there you are left as in the crowded terminal with the only one question.

But the odd part is you will find someone else who will actually send you somewhere and then someone who will set you as on the path to a beautiful and on the exotic landing page.

It’s About Awareness, Intent, and on Direction

As for the every visitor who clicks as on an ad comes to your site or buys as, from you, it is a certain stage of the problem awareness.

Here’s a brief a rundown on the five stages:

  1. Unaware- For the first stage the prospect doesn’t know that they have a problem, you can enter the Dwight as the marketers who can works in his nine to five, five days a week without issues or complaint.
  2. Problem- Aware- this is the stages that come after something triggers as a feeling of discontent. A disconnect between as the desire and its reality. As its Dwight at his desk at 9.37am and then realizing as he feels burnt-out. He doesn’t know what he needs and he only knows as he has a problem.
  3. Solution- Aware- Vacation as he needs a vacation the solution stage is as when a prospect of identifies a way to solve their problem. But as still of the unaware of the options and that he doesn’t know where he can go to get the relaxation that he needs.
  4. Product- Aware- This is the next step of awareness of the available options and it’s a prospect knowing as your solution exists and what it can do.
  5. Most- Aware- The Dwight likes the Hawaii and the final stage is when the prospect is not only too aware of your solution but also to when it’s not also at the top of the contender.

But what does this have to do with the paid traffic?

It is the, therefore, the two things.

First, as the awareness stage of the dictates as what they are looking for and why they are looking for it and how they got there.

In the other word that is intent.

Second, for knowing as which are the stages is a prospect and is in allowing you to write as the tested ad copy. It is also the copy writing adage of its joining the conversation that is already going as on their head in action.

And it is not only as for your addresses that concerns at the different levels of the product awareness and the goal of the ad campaigns is to prime as for the conversion by moving them through these stages.

So as which would be better as to fulfill the goal, a homepage or a landing page?

If you answered as homepage then read on.

If you also answered as the landing page then also read on.

Why the Copywriters Hate Writing the Homepages

I do know what some of you are thinking about:

For our homepages to make the visitors product-aware that has the product on it and by sending traffic and it’s littered with all the information about our value proposition and that it will move them into as the most aware stage. It is as the ultimate landing pages.

It is the fair point but to remember as the ultimate goal is the conversion, convincing as the Dwight that Hawaii is the best to be and doesn’t mean he’s booked as the ticket as getting to the final stage for the awareness is still the only awareness, not the action. Although as the visitors are also landing on it and will say this again:

A homepage is not a landing page.

As the homepages are the gateway to the rest of your site and they are also for the visitors at the every stage of the awareness and this also makes the writing homepage copy a bit of a doozy.

But, also as for the landing page, the purpose is to build the conversion machines and they follow an optimized set of design principles. As squeezing out to the every sign-up, opt-in and the sale possible and they do this as by adhering to a staple of the conversion copy writing.

The Rule of One.

As for the rule of one, it is to design each of the pages with the one readers and one big idea in mind. As for example, Spotify’s landing of the pages for a product-aware is the prospect with a free trial offer. The purpose of the Rule of One is to convert that it gives a single visitor a single path.

This is why the reason of the homepages is as troublesome as for the copywriters and a homepage is for everybody and so it can convert nobody. You may also have a CTA above the fold, smack-dab in the center. But as how many conversions do you get too compared to a purpose that is built on the landing pages.

Responsible for finding your landing pages.

As for the real problem that is with the sending visitors as for your homepages is the onus of responsibility and that you can make them as responsible for the navigating through your site and also you make them as responsible for finding as for the landing pages.

Give it to them.

For the first page, they see the pivotal role in convincing them as for your offer as it worth their time and the attention make it as count. Plenty of the content out there on the designing landing pages and so we won’t get into that here. But there is also one of the aspects of the landing page design that can make it a conversion beast.

As to see the differences?

The landing pages have the differences and that it has a clear path for the visitors to “GET STARTED NOW.” Clicking either at the button takes you to a page with a simple signup form and nothing else. What more to know is that every single clickable element leads to the same as the sign-up page as the first CTA button and like the Spotify’s landing page it can give a single visitor a single path to the conversion.

The focus is mainly on the visitor’s intent and anticipating their needs and by presenting the right information that can meet their expectations.

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