7 Ways to create Buzz-worthy events utilizing social media

create Buzz-worthy events utilizing social media

A delightful event is one that gets buzz-worthy. With the invention of social media, the method that the world worked with once has been entirely altered. Before the origin of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, everything from communication to business occurred between two individuals. Even the grandest of events followed the unidirectional process. But with social media, anything addressed completely at you is also exposed to a fairly large spectrum of an audience who have the authorization to view the specified information.

If you want a buzz-worthy event, employ social media for a huge gain. Here is the list of 7 ways to create a buzz-worthy event.

1. Involve:

Authorize your audience to communicate with you by some mode of feedback. Employ Crowd Campaign, which is an easy method of interaction. It authorizes the participants to recommend content. It further allows the audience to vote on the recommended contents. You can even opt for the easiest method by using Tweetpoll or PollDaddy.

2. Plan:

Be the one amongst many website owners to take full benefit of the event listing and event management probabilities. At least, develop event pages on:

-Facebook Events

-Eventbrite (you can also sell your tickets here)


-LinkedIn (for business event)

It’s certainly a bit of challenging to manage all these event pages, but your audience exists in all of the above.

3. Refresh:

You have to draw probable attendees from confusion with contents, as the event draws closer. Commence a twitter contest. Reward free registration for the audience who can accurately answer finer points of marketing through tweeter feed. You can even create a blog on Tumblr. You can authorize your speakers to call the toll free number or leave the voicemail, which will be automatically copied and posted to the official event blog. As blogs are concerned, build a Netvibes.com site for the event. Remember to design storage for all blog posts by orators. Collect social data from all registrants. Make a twitter list of all attendees. Refresh it each time a new member joins.

4. Combine:

Speaking of the on-site activity, it’s where social media can really deliver an impact and make the audience speak about it. Choose a hash tag for the event. To motivate the content inventors, start the discussion with an unofficial tweet –up using Tweetwally. During the discussion, you can create another event within the event by administering competitions on Twitter.

5. Inform:

Inform the valuable with valid information. For instance: notify your audience about your preferences, your choice of voting through text message. You can reveal about the potential of the QR codes, and why they’re set to each name by SXSW.

6. Propagate:

During the event, generate your own media. You can stream live video of your event for free via Ustream (an iPhone app). Maintain an official gallery, motivate the attendees to click pictures and upload them. Reward the genuine photos of the day. Develop a post show podcast, seeking opinions with sponsors, speakers, and audiences.

7.  Aggregate:

Share the conference content as much as you can. Ensure that you didn’t attend the meeting to just examine the content, and choose to go to the forthcoming year. Take each conference presentation, and instead of just attaching them to your website, publish them on the SlideShare.

Give twitter records to the audience. Use “Session Tweets” where you can use your ‘event hash tag’ to automatically make a PDF of all tweets. Compensate great content that has been submitted by the attendees.

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