Google automatic news writer software ‘RADAR’ expected to launched by 2018

Google are ready to launch ‘RADAR’ as a automatic new writing software

So far, journalists around the world write news, but soon they can look at the software. For the invention of this software, Search Engine is giving a grant of 8.05 million dollars (about 5.20 million rupees) to Google’s UK news agency ‘Press Association’.

The name of this particular software is Radar (Reporters and Data and Robots). According to the research so far, this software is capable of writing news based on information from government agencies, local law enforcement units and other sources. Research is ongoing for how it can be useful in writing news. According to the news of ‘The Guardian’, the software is currently capable of writing more than 30 thousand news stories in a month. It is expected that this software will be fully tested and launched by 2018.

However, the need for journalists will be needed for improving and editing the mistakes made in the written reports of this software.

Peter Clifton, Editor-in-Chief of the Press Association, said, “After the coming of this software, the usefulness of journalists will not end, yes, it is of course that the numbers will be cut. With the help of this software, more news can be written than fewer journalists.

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