How to watch free HD Movies without downloading, Follow 6 Steps


Everyone likes watching movies, but few people know about sites to watch online movies. Especially where the latest and best print movies can be seen. If you also like to watch movies, then we are telling you a trick that can be enjoyed watching movies without downloading. Watch movies without downloading

ROXPlayer is the most powerful software to watch movies without downloading. First download this software and install it in your system. When you open ROXPlayer for the first time, you will see an interface like VLC media player. These videos go from torrent. Which is banned in India. Use it in India can prove to be quite a risk.

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Follow 6 Step to see HD video without downloading

#Step 1 –  First of all download the ROXPlayer software in your PC and install it.

#Step 2 – Now go to the File menu and click on Open Torrent Option. Then click on the Torrent Magnet link option.

#Step 3 – Clicking on the Torrent Magnet link option will open a dialog box which will also paste the link to the magnet url.

#Step 4 – Magnetic URLs will be found from many Torrent sites. As soon as you go to the link of the download torrent, the sign of the magnets will come up.

#Step 5 – You need to paste the URL of the magnets link into ROXPlayer. After this your Torrent file will open.

#Step 6 – In some seconds you will also see torrent files. Here’s a double click on the main movie. Movie buffer will be in 3-4 minutes. Which will be able to watch without downloading.

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