This app will help you to hear the SECRET of other phones

There have been many such apps in the smartphone that make life easier for the people. The thing which we can not even guess, let the app do it. One such app is that you can listen to other phones conversation. However, the smartphone which you need to listen to, has to install the TickleMyPhone app. To install the app, the user has to take the smartphone with him. Let’s know how to listen to the other phones …

One SMS will hear from other phones

After installing the app, you only have to do one SMS to listen to any other mobile. You have to install the app in that handset and if you want to listen to all the things on the handset on your phone, then you have to send an SMS to that phone. You will get the phone just after the SMS and you will be able to easily listen to all the phone calls. If the phone is disconnected, then you have to SMS it to that phone again. Tell me, the SMS does not ring in the phone when the SMS is sent and the other does not know that the call has come.

About the TickleMyPhone app

The size of this app is less than 4MB. That is, the user does not need much space. It can also be installed on the Android 2.1 actualizar and update OS. The user has given a mixed review on the Play Store. Some have called it usful. Both free and paid versions of this app are available. The price of paddy variant is Rs. 122. Users get extra features on paid version.

Be careful

No one would want to share their personal information with anyone. These apps will prove to be quite dangerous, whose phones have someone installed. In this way you need to be careful.
* Always keep the phone with you, friend does not do mischief.
* Keep password on phone and keep changing from time to time.
* Keep checking the phone that a new icon is not showing in your phone.
* Uninstall the app on which there is Doubt.


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