Visual perception definition and visual perception disorder

Visual perception definition

Visual perception is the ability to see, organize and interpret the environment of one, organizing your brain and creating a feeling of image and position, This is a very important process because it gives us the ability to learn new information, without visual perception You will not be able to understand words that you read, recognize blind objects, Or coordination of eyes for many daily tasks is required.

When you cross the road, look at the right and the left, you will get idea about upcoming  car, if you think that the car comes in late,  you cross the path, and another you wait if car coming so fast. here you are applying visual perception, if your child adopt visual perception intelligently, it is good sign to develop child activity.

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visual perception depends on child IQ, eye contact, concentration – so you need to meet child psychiatrist who can guide to develop child concentration and eye contact development.

I am giving some art and visual perception development example which you can try with your own way for your child.


Talk to your child, take different colors and write the correct word in the right box. here your child will make in concentration to search the right line for marking the right box.

Visual perception disorder

Eyes and brain is a receiver of body language of human body, if you unable to receive out side activities, you unable to develop social life or unable to complete you study.

#1.  Child will catch everything which they are looking or listening, they doe’s not apply own sense or perception.


you: ask what is your name?

You: My name is Jack.

When any one asking your child – what is your name?

Your child Answer: what is your name? my name is jack.

I think you understand – your child will give the answer with question.

#2. Lack of concentration

Child are listening your talk but looking to another side.


#3. Less of eye contact

your Child does’t want to see the eyes of  teacher or parents or any others who are asking question him/her.

picture from

#4. Lack of Social interaction

Child unable to interact with his friends in park or school due to visual perception disorder. They don’t know how to react on situation or activities?

Another symptoms of visual perception disorder is deficiency of variation.


Example: suppose you gives 10 -20 blocks for play,  where this type children play the blocks  in the same way everyday with same design.

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