5 Google’s Secret Project, You will also get electric-water and 5g internet

5 Google secret projects will make life more comfortable

Google is always known for doing something new and innovative. Be a matter of self-driving bike … Get a Google translation or Google’s self-diving car To make life more comfortable, Google is doing everything that can make life easier. Now Google is going to make such a thing that you will forget about the fly taxi.

Google Project Loon

Google has recently launched Project Loon. Actually, it is related to restoring internet service in villages and remote areas. These projects have been started keeping in mind the people of two-thirds of the population ie 418 billion villages. Google developed this technology for a billion dollars, its shape is like a balloon. These balloons can be up and down depending on the signals received from Antenna on the building.

Nearly future in rural areas of the world access google internet service by the high flying Balloons

It has been developed by the company’s X Lab. Every balloon will stay in the air for 100 days and around 40 kilometers of radius will provide internet access. Its speed will be equal to 3G. Google has just launched such 180 balloons in New Zealand’s South Iceland.

Google Project Makani


Google has started the Makani project to create electricity. It is visible from the right wind mill and flies in the air to generate electricity from the wind. He is a bit hotter than the windmill, because it stays much higher than him and produces electricity where there is more wind.

Google Project wing

Google has announced to launch a drone delivery system under Project Wing till 2017. Under this project, consumer goods from the drone will be sent to his home within 30 minutes. The company has tested this drone’s work in Australia and after this successful test, the project’s head David Boss has announced that it will be started by the end of 2017.


These drones will reach customers’ addresses by using cellular and internet technology. These drills from Google will be able to carry up to 2.3 kg of goods. The prototype of this drone was flown in Australia, which was 1.5 meters wide and 0.8 meters high and had 4 propeller quad-copters to keep the luggage in it.

Google SkyBender

Google has been working on a secret project since the past year. According to the report of the Guardian, the existing 4G system will work 40 times faster than Google’s new technology. This technology will be helpful in increasing the availability of next generation 5G wireless internet.


According to the report, High Frequency Millimeter Waves can theoretically transmit every gigabyte data per second. Google is considering floating a ‘Fly Fly Aircraft’ to increase Internet availability worldwide.

Google self driving car


Google has created a self-driving car, which runs without a driver. Test drive of this car has also been taken. There will be a button to stop and walk in this car, but there is no steering or pedal for control. Photographs of this car from Google show that it is well-known as a common urban car and has been designed to feel secure from the front. Overall, Google is working on everything that will make the world more hi tech.

Google’s Waymo lawsuit against Otto for google self drive car



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