It is very secret -Why you are not winning the lottery?

Loss never been cover up on Gambling & you will not ever reach the Goal

I think gambling is a part of the life or experience of Human life will be less likely to go on the game, if not, I worked a Job at a company of the stock market and many customer and myself invested and done speculation but in the end customer never saw investment losses on speculation trade in the stock market s and Both customers & I have loosed lots of money, I did not see anyone who made the money from the share market speculation.


A lot of people told me that I have made the money on speculation but when I asked for one year ledger from customer who trade daily or thrice in a week, I would like to share one experience – very few people who are going to maintain account of total investment or keeps her calculations, suppose we have invested a total of Rs 275000 repetitively two years, first time invested Rs-130000 we also have profit of Rs 90000 and second time invested 145000 and get profit of Rs 120000 made profits, the profits have been Rs 210000 among Rs- 275000, but most people think it’s the profit in delight after his loss to Rs-55000 which will cover in future, but I think Loss make up on speculation thinking that is totally stupid calculation, loss never been cover on speculation or gambling,

you will share market or any gambling many people advice you – such as the purchase of these shares many tips companies, TV channels, Broker House -But you have to take your own decision, you do or not speculation. Now lots of Tips companies who does’t have experience and misguide with fraud tips display on social website,various chat or mail, all the TV channels and Broker House everyone’s interests are involved own profit directly indirectly.

I think that people’s desire to gambling on the Loss cover up which will not be able to reach your financial Goals.


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