Be practical -Why you are paying VAT? Just Stop Now.

How Many company Fraud with customers by collecting VAT ?

When I went to buy clothes … like the prices 15% VAT added to the prices.
With grabbed, what is the VAT?
– It is to the government.
– OK. What is your VAT number?
He showed a number.
Now I musaka 11 days in the form of the VAT invoice.
Salespeople surprised.
I said again, what is? I’m VAT to the government, and the government will not give me the receipt? Go, bring blue color VAT invoice.

He called their boss. He came,
– What’s wrong with that?
– So your problem. I gave the government the VAT rules musaka under 01, and you did not give me the shipment of paper.

– It does to us?
– You do not mean? If you offered me the VAT Act, if any? So we need to take action against you.
The man remained silent. The clothes were without 15% VAT.
It’s not just the thousands of shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. The money is in the name of VAT. And the thousands of crores keep own pocket.
Rules, whenever you take the money as a VAT bill, along with a shipment to the official paper (blue color) will give you. VAT to the government, and the government to prove that it was understood that. VAT registered every store or restaurant is the official paper.
Just print the bill gives us a lot of time where the amount of VAT VAT is mentioned … but it is not the official paper. The blue color of the VAT invoice is the right paper.
If the bill printed separately with the VAT invoice paper does not, then the organization understand the money put in his pocket, but you gave the government the right vat. Meals at restaurants are doing same tasks.
Many organizations do not have a VAT registration number, they collect money in the name of VAT unduly.
If anyone refused to run the paper, referring to the law and not give payment of VAT. Call NBR for complain directly over the phone if pressure by organization.
We are constantly suffering from the income paid VAT to the government giving money to the government, but amount did’t reached to Government, because most people do not know it … and this opportunity is to kill these wicked men in front of the thousands of crores.



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