Learn how to keep the pink lips?

Learn how to keep the pink lips

This problem is almost everyone. You have surely noticed that the lips are becoming increasingly black and matt. While you are eating healthy, regular diet abide by, doing exercises. However, this problem will not be released. Remember that some of the domestic way, your lips so you’ll come back again like a pink and bright coloring.
1) once a week and use a natural leap scrubber. As a result, the lip remove dead cells. In this house you can create leap scrubber. A few drops of olive oil mixed with a little sugar and rub the lips. Then wash it with water and apply moisturizer leap.

Ii) the black spots on the skin of the lemon is very beneficial to a material. Before going to sleep at night like a piece of lemon juice and apply on the lips. Using lemon juice a few months to make sure you will benefit. Thin lips and rubbing a piece of lemon on a few grains of sugar to the same benefits.
3) Pink lip coloring is very beneficial to get back a bit. It’s natural bleach to get rid of the black lip coloring. Like bits of lemon juice and apply it to your lips before going to bed at night. The next morning wash. It is your black lips gradually becomes pink. You can use the juice mixed with bits of carrot juice. It is applied every 10 minutes massage your lips. Then the warm water wash.



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