Buy products made in China equivalent with buy a lottery

Chinese quality control is worse

Buying china product equivalent with buy a lottery where chances 0.01%, but I am surprised why people buy china products where no gauaratee,no warrantee. All relation closed with seller after purchase china product because seller does’t give guarantee or warranty. if You purchase one indigenous product which is equal to same 10 china products, we are looking for a good looking as well as minimum price but we forget these china product is  no longer existence in his future. Every china Electronic products are short term usable not lasting for long but our country product which is most good and use it for long,


quality of china product is very harmful for you baby because maximum toys made by toxic chemical,

I know indigenous product unable to compete with china products because china product price very cheap according with product look & function, but why we are not thinking these product buying for short term enjoy like – Diwali light,cracker,

We’m losing our existence, that we can make a much better quality of Products from China, you came home and saw China buying products they do not do any work? then what will you do? just wasting your money. country product have a guarantee or warranty.

But all china product which is branded product is not bad because maximum branded electronic set-up manufacturing units in china like branded LAPTOP,Mobile,computer etc.

So please think about using china product like toys, electronic product without branded and concentrate indigenous products if you or me want to progress our country. Give the chance to our country people who survive us before globalization.

Be a startup to use own country products where manufacturing units setup in your country not china.


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