Due to 4 Reasons you should leave Go Daddy Hosting services

I want share our personal experience that Godaddy.com  is not a good Hosting provider.

We are India’s largest Multi Recharge API service provider before 6 month we have taken  one Windows US- VPS sever for testing purpose, Our Godaddy customer id- 131445940 and paid amount  13675.


we have hosted our new website aptrecharge.com but we have faced lots of problem which given below.

Server Response Time: –  godaddy server response time is not suitable for our business — 7-8   recharge transaction done in a second and godaddy server given response after 2 -3 seconds of recharge transaction done definitely  godaddy  server unable to calculate all transaction  properly  in a particular time with customers margin details.

Another we are taken  Bigrock.in dedicated server which is very smooth running and response time working properly in perfect time.


Server Date & Time: – Godaddy US server itself automatically changed to go, If you set the time that the server delivered the next day, your server will show the time and date of the previous day in which America.Do you have any general web hosting then you would not be problems on the fly,


Technical support:- Not only that, we have called to the technical person regarding the change date and time but technical support executive unable to give proper reply and just said as we have purchase US server so server time will change.

Godaddy Technical support executive unable to give any proper reply because they does not  have any technical knowledge and hold your phone call during 20 minutes for asking backend team,

we have seen Bigrock and Bluehost who are given technical support immediately with proper solution of problem.

Refund Policy– Godaddy refund policy very poor because we have transfer server to Bigrock.in after 5 days and not received any refund from Godaddy. Please see the below

Godaddy refund policy below.


Annual Plans – Within 30 days of the date of the transaction, It means if you purchase for above 12 months then you will be eligible for refund which claim within 30 days.

Monthly Plans* – Within 48 hours of the date of the transaction, it means if you purchase below 12 months then you should claim the refund within 48 hours. normally observation taken 72 hours for testing purpose – how will you claim within 48 hours,



Another all hosting company are giving 30 days refund policy on any product – this is our big experience with Godaddy.



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