Diabetes prevention program – Control Blood Sugar (Diabetes) by a Routine Diet and Exercise

What is Diabetes?

When the Insulin Hormone could not be worked properly or low producing of the hormone at that time body fails to utilize the Glucose effectively. In Diabetes excessive sugar or glucose found in Blood. Diabetes mellitus is full name of diabetes which means Diabetes: to pass through and Mellitus: Sweet.

Symptom of Diabetes

The main symptoms of Diabetes are
1. Polydipsia: Increase the thirst
2. Polyphagia: Increase of hunger
3. Polyuria: Increase of frequency of urination
4. Loss of Weight, Loss of Muscle and Feeling tried

symptoms of diabetes

Complication of Diabetes

  1. Risk of heart attack and stroke
  2. Kidney damage
  3.  Nerve Damage
  4.  Eye Damage
  5.  Cardiovascular diseases
  6. Memory loss or Alzheimer’s Disease
  7.  Skin conditions

Diet and Exercise

Proper Diet and Exercise can keep the Diabetes Level under control and give you a healthy and safe life to enjoy.


Here are some way of Diet and Exercise:

Take a Meal within 3 hours:

For controlling the Diabetes eat some food once in every 3 Hours. Lunch should be light and healthy; you munch some fruits, buttermilk, nuts and sprouts in between of meals because these all are very high nutritional and healthy snacks. Low Blood Sugar or Hypoglycaemia is more dangerous than high Blood Sugar or Hyperglycaemia, it occurs due to the long gaps of meal.

Take High Fibber Foods:

Include high fibbers foods in your diet chart; fibbers change the sugar into energy. Fibbers play a vital role in digestion, it control the blood sugar level by slow down the energy releasing into body. You can include Whole Grains and fresh Green Leafy Vegetables and Legumes in your diet because these all are very high fibber foods. You should eliminate packages foods, white rice, Maida, & white Bread from your diet.

Change Some Habits:

After taking your lunch and Dinner take a walk for 20-30 minutes, which helps the body to utilizing the sugar by faster digestion. Here are some small tips for you, which you could change for maintain your diabetes: avoid the elevator or lift use stairs as most as possible, use bicycle instead of car or motor bike for going the nearby places. If it’s possible then consult with a certified fitness coach for better improvements.

Proper Pre-workout Routine:


Hypoglycaemia is also be prevented by taking pre-work out meal. You can take some fruits like Apple, Guava, and Papaya which are rich in fibbers with average glucose (avoid Banana, Chikoo, Litchis and Mangoes which are rich in sugar) or multi grain bread with peanut butter. Fruits are good for Diabetes but excess fruits can harm so intake limited fruits in a day (1-2 servings).

Make sure the level of insulin before every meal by checking the BLS (Blood Sugar Level). If you observed the Blood sugar Level fall below 70 then immediately eat 2 or 3 candy for raise the level.

Must Take Pre-bedtime Meal:

If you are diabetes patients then must take some food like small glass milk or one small bowl of papaya which prevents the very serious implication of nocturnal Hypoglycaemia.

Don’t Drink Too Much of Water:

According to the medical science a person should drink minimum 3-4 litter water in a day. But if you a diabetes patient then intake the sufficient water for control the blood thickness. Blood viscosity is increasing when blood Sugar increases to prevent this health complications water work as a blood thinner.
Always stay a positive life which control your blood sugar and help you to lead a safe and healthy life. Excessive Physical and mental stress can be harmful to you so stay a quality life just avoid these all.
Regular proper diet and exercise is the key of controlling diabetes. Always maintain these two keys and stay a safe, healthy and better quality life.



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