The best way to stay healthy while you are in travelling?

Trip will remember all my life the joy and happiness that funny moment,   But the joy of the people close to you or your body is sick, then it will lose all the joy and memories. Here are some guides that you have the joy of your trip, so it’s well spent,


Pack Healthy snacks & fruits

In travelling Fresh food is a big problem, you take the first fresh fruit like cucumber, Apple and some dried fruits and almond Which you really need.

Keep in the stock baked soya chips ,healthy snacks, yogurt and energy drinks ,

Granola  is a breakfast food and snack food consisting of rolled oats, nuts, honey or other sweeteners such as brown sugar, and sometimes puffed rice,

Bottled water will keep you from becoming dehydrated and getting dull.


Eat healthy Food

When you are travelling or reached your destination always take healthy boiled fool and avoid un-boiled foods or junk food which is available from road side hawkers, take bottled water and avoid source water. Don’t take or give ice-cream to your child or himself because you don’t know what kind of water used to make the ice cream. Don’t eat frozen food which packaged by plastic because plastic lead to cancer, keep in mind to take wash your hands before taking food (Breakfast,lunch,Dinner).

Take some medicine

It is always not possible to doctor’s check up,I am giving you advice to checkup doctors and  take some medicine for vomiting, allergy, digestive tablets as per doctor’s prescribe.

First-aid materials

You’re going to the mountains or  sea then you need first-aid material like  cut cotton or Medicine and Band-aid.

If you’re taking a flight out, you shouldn’t pack these in your carry on baggage due to certain airline restrictions but keep them with the bags that you’ll be checking in instead. If you have scissors or blades are not in the carry bag otherwise take it  in baggage in case you are taking a flight out because their some airline restriction. Definitely take foot crack cream & cold cream for winter season vacation.

Dress & Shoe

Travel destination where you are going could be winter or summer – Dress choose is a key of travel. Always choose dress commensurate with weather.

Shoe is a main factor for travelling – don’t take high heel shoes for women which might be harmful for hill or mountain

Take full foot cover shoes If your destination at cold place in winter season.

Keep light weight shoes if you are in summer vacation or destination in summer place.

long socks and full-sleeved shirt, where ever possible wear for avoid insect bites.


Skin Care Cream

Most of the ones that catch infectious diseases come from insect bites while in trip. Malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever and some of the most serious infections. To protect yourself and your children diligently apply mosquito repellent. If you like, you have a variety of aloe vera which not only protects your skin, but can also rejuvenates cells. You going to go backpacking or are wandering through lush green fields,

Another threat to your skin while traveling sun burn and skin cancer. You are being exposed to the sun for prolonged periods on the plan, it is recommended that you apply plenty of sun screen to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. This is especially true if you plan on hanging out at the beach or sunbathing.

Maintain Exercise

Daily maintain 30 minutes for your routine exercise because your are out of routine gym or yoga, you catch up swimming if you are in pool – you should definitely take a dip and cover a few laps. Swimming is one of the most well rounded forms of exercise. They work on toning up your body while stretching your cardiovascular muscles as well.

All in all, the best kind of trip is a healthy one. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry. Have fun and stay safe, In future say story of your journey – wish you Happy Trip.

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