Now you get your money within 48 hours from the e-commerce sites

Today maximum numbers people, take the online shopping as the easiest process because now we haven’t too much of time to go the market and waste time there in the crowed, by bargaining or any other that’s why it is the easiest mode of shopping. Multiple e-commerce sites have in our hand for shopping not only that for more easily we paid amount for product through the credit card or debit card.

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The main common thing we find with the almost ecommerce site that is the really unwillingness when it’s the time to refunds the customer. The problem is shown when the customers prepaid product order automatically cancelled or the customer reluctant to take the product for any personal reasons. In this case almost sites are taking 7-15 days for refunds sometimes it’s take 2-3 mounts for refunds the amount to customers.

Here are some demands of India customers

  1. The government of India should be passed a law and order for e-commerce that they have too refunds the amount within 48 hours otherwise 2% interest per day should be add with that if it is delay refund.
  2. Customers should get refund as soon as possible (within 48 hours) if the order cancelled due to any technical error or any type of negligence of the “Sellers End”.

Just think about it you are not use the product or even you don’t touch it but you are getting interest because you paid through Credit Card.

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