8 step follow when use paytm or other wallet

Be careful when you are using Paytm or other e-wallet

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After demonetization mobile wallet like paytm, mobikwik, freerecharge, pocket, sbi buddy and other has been increasing rapidly.            E-wallet would be essential for your daily life events because e-wallet will fulfill our cash crunch, but while you are using e-wallet you should be managed it properly as there is involved risk. Here  not only  taking care of your e-wallet but also your smart phone security. Now I giving some tips to avoid risk of e-wallet use.

Download apps from trusted sources

always use google play store or sources  sites where rating star is more and read the privacy policy to download the apps because apps related your pockets. Therefore we are requesting you to download the apps from a trusted sites. its very urgent to check url of original e-wallet link because lots of apps available with little bit word change like- mypaytm apps instead of paytm, freerechargewallet apps instead of freerecharge apps.

Password protected smartphone

Always use password and pin or pattern lock to your smartphone as well as OTP register mobile. keep your password alpha numeric and uncommon no like- #478monkey or $843tree@.

Card information keep secret –

Don’t share your credit or debit card details with pin or credit card CVV. Avoid “saving the card information” option for your future transaction, once your transaction completed then go back and  delete the information.

Avoid too much money in e-wallet –

Avoid to keep too much money in your e-wallet because every information you shared online which may be leaked or hacked. now online nothing is unhackable – I advice your safety in your hand.

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Use apps access code –

#Paytm your e-wallet recently launched an app password for app. your wallet feature is aimed  to ensure that the money is safe in your wallet, even if you lose.

Frequently change your password

frequently change your password with some uncommon words which never been utilized before. password change required not only for your e-wallet but also required too for your smartphone.

Don’t attend any fake call

Don’t  share the details of e-wallet as well as plastic card details or bank details.

Follow transaction details on SMS and email –

check every SMS & MAIL properly because maximum time we delete all as a unnecessary sms or mail. Always link your Mobile no. and email related to your transaction, don’t depend only on SMS because your email will be accounted all the transactions.

Keep Anti virus or some security features installed from trusted sites

Anti virus or some security features install in your smart phone, antivirus will prevent to download unwanted malware critical software as well as bad websites.

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