Facebook going to be launched 3 changes to Facebook Treading stories

Facebook authority declared that they will bring 3 updates in its treading topic section which changes the way of its works.

  1. Headline will be added

As they said “based on a combination of factors” the treading section’s appearing headlines will be analytically selected such as:

  1. Engagement of articles in the biggest social media platform
  2. Overall engagements of the publishers
  3. Linking of the other articles to the story.

Treading stores is going to be automating according to the Facebook. As parts of its lasts update In August the authority removed the description.

Firstly users are only able to see the headline after clicked on the topic, to add the headline within the treading users have been asking for Facebook from the last update.

If you clicked on a treading topic then the topic will take you to the personalized results page, where more additional stories and past will find.

  1. Focused on the topic popularity

To identify treading topics more quickly another Facebook update is also designed. Now it will look at two things according to the Facebook:

  1. About the same topic how many publishers have posted articles.
  2. How many engagement the articles have got.

Until now, for high engagement single posts or articles have opted as the hot topics by Facebook.

  1. Stop personalization Facebook treading

Facebook also announced that in the treading section they will be eliminating the personalisation.

From now users would not select the interests in the treading section what they only want to see. Instead same topic will be appears in the users those are living in the same geographic area.

Image source: searchenginejournal.com

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