How to improve website page speed test & check site performance

A second looks at the page speed the #SuccessStack’s eighth instalment. Here some tips which maybe help you improve the page speed and performance.
Why mobile page speed is critically important for the online successful business last week #SuccessStack explained the reasons. You it’s your time to take decision which may be improve this metric and boost your page performance ever before.

Step 1
Measure the amount you earn
Before spend your time and money to improve your mobile page speed, do you want to see what your earning value is from it. For personal calculation this useful tool will help you to determine that with a faster mobile experience how much could you earn. But the tool could not measure the loyalty of users and user experienced.
Step 2
Measure the different aspects
To measure different aspects of your site this tools will help you to identify the defaults areas of your site which will need to improvement. Here few of option:
1. Your site performance analyzes by the Page Speed Insights and scoring on the page speed and users experience and indentify the fixing issues. 85 or above scoring is the best practises.
2. To measures the average time to load a web page’s visible parts uses the Webpagetest. 3,000 or less is the best speed index and loading time is 3 seconds and best loading time is 1-3 seconds.
3. For illustrating your website’s performance there have a versatile real-time option tools that is Chrome Dev Tools right in the browser. How your code of site is hitting on your page, you can examine and boosting your CPU speed and replicate network, loading details and etc.
4. Especially for mobile sites a tools designed namely Mobile-Friendly Test. By this tool you can get the information to analyze the perfect condition of your mobile site and aimed on the elements as well speed.
Step 3
Customized the page size
Decrease the pages size:
1. To optimized the loading time target on the fewer bytes or near about 50 requests.
2. Give an option to the users by which they can download the viewing content, reduces and select efficient images.
Ads and trackers on your page assess them
1. To calculate the latency impact and bandwidth and the other on your page use the tools. If your trackers provides you benefit then judge them if needed.
2. Removes the low performing partners from your site and must review on the partners those are giving ads especially videos as their ads.

Step 4
Use modernist
To improve your user experiences prioritizing on the elements which are very important for your site even this cannot change your page loading timing.
1. After direct interaction the styling, JavaScript and images are only accessed. Give priority to load the elements that are visible above the fold content or minimize amount of these pieces.
2. To site integrity, encryption, authentication and better user’s experiences support the modern HTTPS. Maximum number of site presently runs on modern HTTPS.
3. 214 server requests a mobile page can makes but some are them simultaneously in the other site some happened due to one after one. Its providing profits to understand reviewed on them.

Step 5
To grow continuously shift to mobile so the users experiences across the internet will be reach the expectation. As means that to boosts up the mobile speed it is not only a single time job whereas you have to do it regularly. Follow the above mentioned outline to keep the records and optimizing the techniques in the future.
1. To remove the low performing of site continuously reduces the ad related calls.
2. With lower latency pick the 3rd party ad partners.
3. Reduce all the bulky content
4. Data and analytics tags consolidated
5. Like Accelerated Mobile Page and Progressive Web Apps investigating regularly.
These articles maybe change your business strategy and position in online, can draw more and more traffic.

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