Safest way to send money overseas

When you want or need to transfer money from one country to another country to your friends and family then you first option and the first name will come in your mind that is your bank. But the transaction is really limited most probably bank allows a people to transfer $45 and the delivery time, foreign exchanges are not satisfactory.

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A smart customer always is searching for the best option for transferring money. The time to change the option for sending your money and try to focus on the money transferring with low cost, high speed and reasonable rates.

Cheapest way to send money overseas

Transfer Wise

It is a money transfer company based in UK, as individual sending money within very low exchange rates you can find offered the Tansferwise. It uses the cheap amount for transferring money but the rates is depend on the midmarket rates which uses the big between one another. By making up the exchange rates that they provide to the consumer it is the profit of the transfer of bank but TransferWise avoid this point. On the transfer amount it charges a very low percentage. It takes only several working days to complete the process.

western union international money transfer

Recognized as the world’s largest platform for the money transferring, at varying costs Western Union offers many option to the users. Using telephone, through its website or the mobile app you can easily sending money to one person. You can also pay through the Bank account, debit card, credit card or cash. Depend on the paying and delivering option the charges and the exchange rates are credited. But the cheapest delivery option is the bank account for payments. A lot of transfer you do online to certain countries that receives like Mexico or India you can get lot of free option for the transfer.

Fastest without extra cost Money transfer

Xoom – A paypal service

Xoom could charge on the money transferring if it crosses the margins whereas many of the company charges on it. PayPal is owner of the company in a minute the transfer gets the destination, no matter what is the transferring option by bank, debit card or credit card. Bank charges flat for transferring which is varied country to country and the rates are competitive. Due to the bank hours and time zones the process takes a long time to deliver but for the speed and extra charging free the Xoom is very popular.

Best way to transfer money internationally online

western union international money transfer

Western Union is the largest physically network of agents across the world for transfer money apart from the breath of transfer options. If you want to pick money as cash or want to transfer money into a bank account more than 500,000 agents are present throughout the more than 200 countries and territories for the smooth services.

Money Gram

It is also a large physical network present in more than 350,00 location in more than 200 countries and territories. With US checking account, credit card or debit card you can send money through local agents, online or through the mobile. MoneyGram offers very fat services which take just few minutes and charged small amount higher than natural charge. But they have a limitation like a maximum one can send through online.

How to send someone money online

Transfer Wise

If we compared with the US banks then the TransferWise make more easy and faster international money transfer option whereas you some time have to the branch to transfer money. Up to $49,999 to 54 countries Americans can send using the TransferWise’s website or mobile app. Using email address or liking with the Facebook or Google account one can easily sing up in the TransferWise portal.

The TransferWise exclusively transfer money between two or more bank account as it is the originated in the US that the timing fully depends on the local bank working hours.

Xoom – A paypal service

With an emphasis on developing countries Xoom makes the online and mobile transfer so easy to send to 55 countries. Through the account you can easily transfers money into a foreign bank account or a cash pick location like bank or grocery stores. You can also added money from mobile as the half of the countries has the Xoom’s server.

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