Survey: Aadhaar verification boosts the confidence on Matrimonial sites

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A survey was revealed, that Aadhaar verification boosts customer’s confidence in the authenticity of profiles on matrimonial sites.

Last week, according to the survey conducted website, maturity and compatibility of life partner lies high on agenda rather than their social status. The survey was conducted on 2000 active users of the matrimonial website, read a statement.

The survey mainly verifies based on highlighting the importance of Aadhaar. Aadhaar verification as a check has increased the authenticity as many as 74 percent users believes. Another finding is that 80 percent users feel that online matrimonial sites are unsafe, insecure and full of fake profiles.

One more important number that came out of this survey, with every passing day was a fact that the popularity on online matrimonial websites is also increasing. According to the number compiled, 14 percent of the users, who took part in the survey, found their life partner through online matrimonial sites.

Another 32 percent followed by educational qualification (20 percent), financial independence (18 percent), looks and appearance (17 percent) and finally family or social status (13 percent). Maturity and compatibility are the most important factors when searching for a life partner.



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