New Google earth is introducing some exciting features of guided tours , 3D images

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Now here is some good news to the Google users. Google is now all set to deliver some new and exciting features to their users from New Google earth. The new Google earth will deliver guided tours, 3d images and “I m feeling lucky “feature. These features may be used by IOS and other browsers.

In this latest version of Google earth, storyteller’s scientists and nonprofit organizations are some of the partners of Google. They collectively worked to create voyager, an interactive guided tours.

Site has created more than 50 tours via voyager and they are promised to keep adding on more on a weekly basis. The announcement made on the Google earth blog listed a sampling of the tours which is currently available:

Start with Natural Treasures from BBC Earth, and journey to six habitats: from islands to mountains to jungles, and learn about the unique and thrilling wildlife in each. Then head to Gombe National Park in Tanzania and hear from Jane Goodall about her team’s chimpanzee research and conservation efforts.

The most exciting and amazing feature added by google earth is “I m feeling lucky” button which will provide surface image and information of 20000 different location created by the Google earth team.


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