Check These 7 Things Instead the First Impression Shouldn’t Fool You


Have you ever been let down by the people you considered to be your friends or ever been fooled by people who you thought were your well-wishers but you got backstabbed by them? Then it’s sometimes possible that you may be a poor judge of people and end up taking them at the face value at your first impression and instead of really getting to know them from beforehand. As we human beings, we need to have people around us and need to be in social contact with each other. This is, therefore, the reason that we make friends and spend time in each other’s company and why we actively seek out people we like to be with. Although sometimes, it’s easy to be taken in by person’s outward charm and forming first impressions and only later discover that from the inside and they are completely different.

The world is not a bad place but it is to know whether we can actually be lasting friends with someone, it’s very important to know the other person truly to avoid any of the unpleasant discoveries or situations later on. This is an idea to not to judge people but the idea is to know people fully and make the right decisions about them so as to not be fooled by those who don’t have good wishes for us or not underestimate to those who may not look the part but are really a nice people. A first impression, dazzling as it may be does not hold true many a time.


To Evaluate Person Things that Can Help You Quickly

Are you hiring someone, or making new friends or even getting romantically involved with someone, it is important not to fall for the surface beauty and dig a little deeper to know about how the person actually is on the inside. The actually want or need instead of having people who are increasing negativity around us and hold us back from reaching our true potential. To read and learn about how you can be a better judge of people to see if the person you just is encountered can actually be a good addition to your life.

How Much Do They Listen vs. Talk

The ones who are good listeners are the people who are likely to be a good addition in your life. They just don’t hear what you have to say but are concerned and caring enough to actually listen to all that you are saying and even all that you are not. These are the people who are interested in you and care for you and so they are willing to invest their time and attention on you. They might also listen to you try and make the challenges for you and even interrupt you if you feel you have misunderstood them or are heading to the wrong way.

Are They Intrinsically Kind?

People who are nice on the inside make a special effort to treat the everyday people they encounter nicely and it is basically all about the magic words and of course having a sunny disposition. To considers themselves to be too high up to pay any attention to the service providers around them are likely to be mean of heart and are small of mind. You want to have kind people around you or even working for you and simply because they make the world and especially your world a little better and a lot brighter.

As said by Mark Twain, “Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see!”

Do they “Act On” or “React To” What You Say?

You sometime may have noticed that when you give the same feedback or comment to any two or more people, you also get varied results. Some of the people take what you have said or asked them to do in a positive manner and to use criticism constructively as well. It is still to take others tend and to take offense to what you say and react with anger, resentment, and negativity.

Do They Make You Feel Warm, or Embarrassed?

Frankly, everyone likes to be appreciated and be loved and if someone comes up to you to know and says the nice things, it is likely to make you feel happy, loved and all fuzzy inside. And there are also times when the flattery makes you uncomfortable or even embarrassed be it at the first impression or at later.

Flattery looks like the friendship just like a wolf looks like a dog.

Are They Sunshine People or Those From Darkness?

Simply by being themselves, there are some of those in the world you can literally light up a dismal atmosphere. But there are those who can freeze conversation, kill laughter and to leave you feeling vaguely depressed about yourself and your life. It is the first kind of people that have positivity energy they are happy people who like to spread happiness and smiles and if you have them as a friend, count your lucky starts. There are people who hold you back from reaching your true potential and pass on their negative energy to you.

To Spend a While with this Person

Many of us often make friends but that we then may go long lengths to avoid but these are the people who are an intrinsic and basic mismatch with us. They may be the nice people but they are not the kind our personalities gels with. A personality mismatch and it could be a matter of opposing beliefs, varied interests. If you find spending time with that person a drag than the relationship is not going to last much now does it so?

Do They Set Off Warning Signs In Your Gut?

The very first time you meet them the heart can be fooled and the mind can be swayed but the gut gives you the truest reading of anyone. There are also some times when you may find someone off-putting for no given reason but your instinct and yet still end up being in contact with them. It is only to have your gut proven right in the end as the human being, un-backed by the science and we do pick up on the vibes people give off, and sometimes those vibes are most definitely negative.

But ultimately, the decision of who you want to be friends with are in love with or even work with lies with you and don’t be in a hurry to form an impression, and don’t always think that your first impression about someone is a 100% correct. More importantly, people have nuances and the facets and sometimes people do change as well as trying to appear to be what they are not. Learn to read between and behind the lines and to keep your heart, eyes, and ears wide open to avoid getting hurt or being betrayed.

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