West Bengal State lotteries are ready to start daily basis

According with latest news that West Bengal State lotteries are ready to start daily basis lottery game. The Sikkim state lotteries and Nagaland state lotteries playing the daily lottery , in which more than  lottery lot is sold in West Bengal, from which 3200 crore Rupees goes out of the state every year. Presently Sikkim state  and Nagaland state  are doing monopoly activities, because both Government are giving prize money below 30% which is very unauthentic, lots of time both state lottery are not abide rules about giving prize money. Where many people are getting lost and lots of people cheated by two government lotteries, It is played only 3 times a day, 11.55 AM / 4 PM / 8 PM and lottery cost 6 rupees/per lottery.

Now West Bengal state government’s new daily lottery price will be Rs-5/ per lottery and prize money will be 65%  according with lottery sale and lottery price rupees 5/per lottery . If West Bengal daily lottery will give prize money as per news then Nagaland and Sikkim state daily lottery will shut down very soon because maximum lotteries selling in West Bengal. Or the Sikkim / Nagaland state daily lottery prize money will have to increase. ( competition always gives good quality to customers.). If West Bengal state lottery will do same cheating activities with Sikkim/Nagaland state lottery then normal people family will be finished.

According with news agency that West Bengal state lotteries will start 1 week of January 2018. Every lottery game player are expecting West Bengal state lotteries will abide all rules and think about normal lottery buyers.

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