How to Extent Your Recharge Business B2C & B2C

Recharge Business is one of the best money rotate business, In India above 60 crore population using Mobile and DTH, Data Card for using talk time, Internet or looking TV Channel. If you start your recharge business properly then this business become a money making machine. Here you just follow 5 step to increase your Recharge Business whether its B2B or B2C.

#1. Build Recharge Website

You just hire a good developer to build own Recharge website or take a White Label Recharge website  or Recharge API from APT Recharge because it is a one of the best Recharge API service provider. Recharge website definitely should be mobile friendly because  In India 65% internet users uses through mobile (smartphone). Making SEO & Mobile friendly website so maximum traffic can obtain from google search.

#2. Recharge Mode

Make sure to give facility of various recharge mode like – Offline SMS Based Recharge Mode, free recharge app, J2ME Mobile Recharge app — Supports GPRS & SMS Based Rechargep, Desktop app etc. In India 65% internet users uses through mobile (smartphone). J2ME Mobile Application — Supports GPRS & SMS Based Recharge.

#3. Advertisement

To promote your website through google adwords (which is costly) but get more traffic with minimum expenses if you make setting  adwords advertisement on location base.

Another best option to give Free classified advertisement on  where you can submit your website url and customers can see your website name, but if you want to post free ad on olx or quikr where you unable to submit website url. Always give free ad on location oriented because  google will show your website when any one want to search Recharge business near me or Recharge Distributor near me. Create your website backlink with social media like facebook, twitter, linkdin, and get more customers.

#4. Services

Concentrate to build the Recharge platform & technology as well as  services but not commission. “Now maximum company designed own commission structure which is not getting from operators and breached the commitment after few days and given service is poor”.

whereas APT Recharge System is Stable & Designed to Support Unlimited Number of Transactions with Instant Recharges.

Build all facility of Recharge system like- All operators prepaid mobile recharge, DTH Recharge, Data Card Recharge.

#5. Value

Recharge business is a service industry therefor you should give proper value to your customers need like –

  1. Advance information of holidays when you unable to arrange balance from operators.
  2. Any good offer mail to your customers.
  3. Always pick the phone call because if you are not picked up phone call then customers become very regret about services.
  4. Office Address should be displayed in the website so customer can customize with you.
  5. Note the customers requirement and try to fill the customers need.
  6. Try to maintain commitment to customers, if you breached commitment then you brand name will destroy.

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