Device for Detecting Dengue with Google search

The depressed world that suffered consistent threats of the grave and communicable epidemics was relieved when the scientists revealed the news about the invention of an analytical device that employs Google search data for instantly and accurately detecting dengue fever, particularly in under-developed countries. The unique analytical device facilitates the immediate reaction to the epidemic.

Researchers manufactured the equipment based on the methodology which was earlier developed by the crew to detect influenza in the US.

After the former systems like ‘Google Flu Trends’ and ‘Google Dengue trends‘ yielded the unsatisfactory outcomes, hopes were restored in 2015 with the mathematical modeling tool famous as “Auto Regression with Google search queries” (ARGO). The health officials detected the ailment with the aid of internet search data.

In the recent research, ARGO has been modified by the scientists at Harvard University in the US. For inspecting its capacity to detect dengue occurrence in Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand, the modifications were done.

Each year, the mosquito owned dengue virus strikes about 390 million people. It is often tricky to control dengue  due to the shortage of adequate information. But the dengue related Google searches can yield instant cautions.

During the research period, the researchers utilized Google’s ‘Trends’ tool to detect the top ten dengue related search queries made by the users in each country.

Considering that ‘when more people are infected, more dengue related searches occur’, ARGO evaluated near real-time analysis of dengue familiarity in each country. They also collected former dengue information from government health agencies and processed both data sets into ARGO.

ARGO’s analysis has been matched with those from the five other methods by the scientists. They discovered that from any other method, ARGO yielded more accurate outcomes for Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, and Thailand.

Researchers said that as Taiwan is less likely to encounter seasonal epidemic sequence from year to year; so, the evaluation for Taiwan was less specific. The detection emphasizes on the capacity of Google searches to empower specific, timely exposure of mosquito borne epidemics in the countries that are deprived of powerful research arrangements.

Prospective work could probe whether this procedure could be improved to detect the epidemic on quality spatial and temporal scales and whether environmental data, such as temperature, could progress estimates –researchers said.

Mauricio Santillana of Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School said, “The wide availability of internet throughout the globe provides the perspective for a new way to accurately detect contagious illness, such as dengue fever symptoms, faster than traditional clinical-based systems.”

“When elevated dengue prevalence is expected, this radical method of detecting epidemic could be implemented to notify governments and hospitals, and dispense well-being instructions for travelers”, said Santillana, senior author of the study published in the journal PLOS Computational Biology.

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