Rickshaw driver’s son made all-India record in the race

Image sources from NDTV

Nissar Ahmed made all-India record in the race at the Chhatrasal Stadium in Delhi

On September 2, most of the people were engaged in celebrating the Eid, while Nissar Ahmed was trying his luck at the Chhatrasal Stadium in Delhi. Who knew what Nissar would do? This promising young man has won gold medal in 100 and 200 meters sprint competition in Delhi State Athletics Championship. Nissar’s victory is also very special because he has broken the Under-16 All India record. When the Nissar was moving towards the platform to take medal, the people present there were hoping that his parents would be present here, but this could not happen. When the promising young man Nisar was taking gold medal, his father ran Rikshaw and mother was engaged in household chores. The sister became emotional after hearing the news of this success of brother on Eid.

Delhi’s Slum Boy is Nissar

Nissar lives in the big garden slum in the railway station of Azadpur, Delhi. The estimation of the house condition of the house can be based on the fact that father Nanku Ahmed rickshaw pulls up. The family of four people lives in a room in the slum. Father can get financial support so mother works in other homes.

Parents unable to get treatment

Nisar’s father Nanku Ahmed has a problem for 20 years, yet he runs the rickshaw. At the same time, the mother also has a problem in walking and walking. There are two sisters of Nissar. One has been married, so parents and parents are busy collecting money for the sake of others.

Son spend his father earning money

Although Nanku Ram earns a maximum of seven thousand rupees every month, but he does his best to fulfill the son’s needs. Even after spending most of his father’s earnings, Nissar does not get enough money.

Bought a cooler for son’s sake

Runner Nissar’s mother told that the son came running and looked helpless to the heat. Keeping this in mind, bought an old cooler. Due to the shortage of money and expensive electricity, it is not able to bring bigger coolers.

Journey to win such a medal

Sunita Roy, who met Nissar three years ago, is now her coach. He is coaching him without fees. To qualify for All India School level, Nissar played under-14 inter-zone. Nissar won gold and won three days in the Inter Zone.

After qualifying in the Inter Zone, Qualifying for the Nissar All India School Competition. In the competition held in Kerala, Nissar won the bronze medal in the 400m in the first day. On the second day Nisar Gold and on the third and fourth day, medal made its name. In 2016, Nissar won gold and silver medals in the Delhi State Under-16 competition. After performing well in Delhi, Gail India sponsored them and provided some money. Nissar Gayle is now known as India Sprint Star.


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