Migraine problem: So do this migraine Exercise

Yes exercise induced migraine because exercise and migraines are related simultaneously.


Through yoga, the problem of migraine can be easily solved. Today, Acharya is telling how you can reduce the problem of migraine through yoga.

Ardha sirsasana or half headstand pose

Will sit in Wagramson for semi-heading. Sit straight down the waist Interlock the fingers and hinge on the ground. At the same time, keep the top of the head on your hands and stay on the ground.

While breathing, you will lift your knee and stay in this situation until you can stop. Then gradually bring the knee to the ground and do it several times.

You will sit in your seat while breathing. You will not quickly open the eye. After this you will sit in your seat. Migraines can be avoided by routine exercise of semi-tithes.

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