71% of metro city people can not sleep properly

Sleep deprivation make you unhealthy

71% of the people in Metro city do not get enough sleep Similarly, 71% believe that they feel stressed even at home with the office. In Delhi, 79% believe that they have to work longer hours and this creates a major hindrance in keeping the heart healthy.

Why the research?

This research was done to know why people are not trying to improve their health, while they have a better understanding of their dangers.

Sleep deprevation Studies done by saffolalife

The purpose of the 2017 study by Sepholalife is to understand the barriers of heart health, to encourage healthy heart-adapted lifestyle and to ensure adherence to the habits associated with it. This study was done on 1306 persons in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Hyderabad and Chennai .


The results of this study in metro city show that working more hours per day, stress of work, lack of sleep, and traveling for a long time make major obstacles in keeping the people of turmeric heart. Apart from this, the desire to eat delicious food is also included in these reasons.

Tasty food makes obstacles

It is reported in the Sepholalife study that both men and women consider the habit of eating delicious food and eating out of the house as a barrier to being healthy. At the same time, some different types of interruptions between men and women are also obvious. While women consider the time taken in domestic tasks to be a major obstacle, men say that there is a great reason for the stress of work and insufficient sleep in the office, not to try to be healthy by them.

What Expert Say?

Dr. Manish Bansal, Associate Director of Heart Disease Department, Medanta, said that the habits of making lifestyle changes are greatly reduced in order to prevent heart disease but to prevent heart diseases.

Interruptions in Healthy Heart

In the saffolalife study, where eating habits have emerged as a major hindrance, while working for longer periods, more hours of daily travel and stress of work are the main reasons why people do not try to make the heart healthy. Find out..

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