Good news for women who did not become mother after cancer treatment

After the cancer treatment, the good news came for women who did not become mother. After the treatment of cancer, women are not usually seen as having side effects. Now scientists have discovered a drug for its treatment.

According the research?

In women who are treated with cancer through radiation and some types of chemotherapy, medicines usually create problems in pregnancy.

What does the first research

According to pre-researched studies, about 40 percent of all women who have been exposed to breast cancer have been seen to be worse before the ovaries. In this, normal functions of the uterus are closed and often the position of the mother is not present.

Women have accumulated of eggs or undeveloped ovules since birth, which runs throughout life. But this egg is one of the most sensitive cells in the body, which can end up with this type of cancer treatment.

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Why this research

This research has been published in the journal Genetics. Its base is a pre-existing research in which a checkpoint protein (CHK2) was detected, which becomes active when the eggs are damaged by radiation.

How does this work

CHK2 damage the path that removes damaged DNA eggs. It is a natural process that prevents the child from giving birth to distorted children.

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If doctors treat these types of cancer as an important cause of damage to the eggs, women can keep their eggs or uterus cells removed or freezed. But this may delay the treatment. Apart from this, due to the lack of ovules, the women naturally grow towards the menopause.  Through this research, scientists have given CHK 2 preventive or related medicines and have provided a perspective of starting cancer therapy together. Although it will first need to be used on the human body.

Note: These are on research claims. Comila blog does not confirm it Before you start any suggestion or start treatment, consult your doctor carefully.


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