Who is Joyita Mondal – India’s first transgender judge

pic: indiatimes.com

Photo: indiatimes.com

From Joyanto to Joyita – now everyone known as Joyita Mahi Mondal –  India’s first transgender judge. On July 8, for the first time, the 29-year-old office took part in the office as Judge of Lok Adalat in Islampur of North Dinajpur district of North-West Bengal. He left his first profession in the form of Hijra which went to collect funds in the festivals.

How Life changed of Joita Mondal?

Joyita said ” I am really happy because now I get respect from the society I was watching. “In court, those who have come to seek justice now call me sir or madam.” – Before that, there was nothing contempt. “People treated me as almost untouchable, and even passed abusive comments. But now people come to me also to request that I should mediate his/her family disputes.”

Joyita Mondal is a transgender who has reached the positions in government and private sectors in recent years, who is in the fight against widespread social bias and discrimination in education and employment. The Supreme Court upheld the change after accepting third gender in 2014 and asked the government to provide a quota to the weaker community in jobs and colleges. A Transgender Rights Bill is pending before Parliament.

Jayita said that she has disposed of four cases related to settlement of bank loans and settlement of tenant-homeowner disputes.

She said, “Usually, there are three judges in Lok Adalats, my fellow judges have always been very cooperative and respect me with me.”

But the strange and discovered glow has not disappeared completely. “Sometimes I can feel negative vibes from those people in whose cases I decide – a strange gaze, or body language. However, I have to add that none of them has humiliated me sometimes, some It is only surprising to see a transgender on the chair of the judges, ” Joyita said.

However, there is no complaint to him. “There is a need for more time to change society and we have to give it time.”

Regardless of the increase in prestige, Mondal has to bear financial problems after leaving a steady source of income – to perform in the ceremonies.

She will now have to rely on short payment that she gets for every session of the Lok Adalat. But in 2010, graduating with honors in history from Netaji Nagar College in Kolkata, she is happy to go for more prestige which she has received.



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