If you are looking for a job then download this Kaamkaaj app

If you are looking for a job then this news is for you. An job searching app came to help people engaged in search of a job. With this help you will know where the vacancy is. Workers through the ‘Work’ app will help people searching for jobs after retirement. This app connects interested candidates with corporate houses or people where people are willing to help.

Functioning is an online platform, which makes process of looking for candidates easy and transparent with modern interactive analytics (analysis of people connecting each other). The founder of ‘Kaamkaaj‘, Prakash Mathur, said that both job seekers and employers have been benefited by working app AP.

Mr. Mathur said that on this forum candidates or employers can register their needs and necessary capabilities, according to which they are provided employment, who lack of digital knowledge. He can register himself in a fixed number by giving a missed call. With the launch of this app, our goal is to bring revolution in job search.

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