These 11 Foods items can actually boost your concentration

Boost concentration and memory with these 11 Foods.

#1. Water

Thirst & Dehydration causes fatigue, Water boosts stamina & concentration level.

#2. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolates boosts serotonin & endorphin levels, which are associated with greater concentration.


#3. Egg

It contains CHOLINE, A compound that can help maintain healthy brain cell membranes.

#4. Banana

It contains potassium, which is an essential mineral for keeping human brain, nerves & heart perfect.

#5. Beetroot

It contains nitrates that can dilate your blood vessels, and increase blood flow & oxygen, resulting in improved mental health.

#6. Salmon

Its rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which is rebuilds the brain cells & strengthens the synapses in human brain.

#7. Oatmeal

Oats is low in calories, it will keep you full for longer & boost your mental energy.

#8. Spinach

It is loaded with lutein, folate, beta – carotene, that helps prevents dementia.

#9. Carrots

This root vegetable come with sholesome health benefiting compounds such as beta – carotenes, falcarinol, vitamin A, minerals, and antioxidants in in ample amounts, increase mental strength and concentration.

#10. Blueberries

Rich in antioxidants and considered as an effective memory booster.

#11. Green Tea

it contains modest amount of caffeine balanced by amino acid theanine that improves mental alertness & focus.


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