Why Kolkata is famous in India and World

Why is kolkata the city of joy

#1. First Capital of India: Kolkata

#2. First port of India: Kolkata

#3. First famous sweet Rosgolla made in Kolkata

#4. Nobel Laureates of India: 6 out of 7 are from Kolkata

#5. National Poet of India: From Kolkata

#6. National Anthem, Song of India: From Kolkata

#7. The only inspiration for youths by whose name International Youth day is celebrated: Swami Vivekananda is from Kolkata

#8. Largest library in India: Kolkata

#9. Largest Museum in India: Kolkata

#10. The city in India where trams run still as a public transport: Kolkata

#11. India’s largest cricket stadium: Eden Gardens, Kolkata

#12. India’s largest football stadium: Salt Lake stadium Kolkata ( also Asia’s largest)

#13. Largest Botanical Garden in India: Kolkata ( Shibpur Botanical Garden)

#14. Largest zoo in India: Kolkata ( Alipore Zoo)

#15. India’s first medical college: Kolkata ( Medical college, Kolkata)

#16. India’s first University: Kolkata (Calcutta University)

#17. India’s only film director who got an Oscar:  from Kolkata ( Satyajit Ray)

#18. First Miss Universe of India:  from Kolkata ( Susmita Sen)

#19. Largest race course in India: Kolkata

#20. Oldest cricket club of India: Calcutta cricket club

#21. First city in India where Metro rail as a public transport started: Kolkata

#22. The only city of India for which the whole bollywood industry depends when it comes for music and direction: Kolkata

#23. Highest number of Scienctists and doctors are from which city in India: Kolkata

#24. Largest railway station of India: In Kolkata ( Howrah)

#25. Busiest railway station of India: Kolkata ( Sealdah)

#26. Only riverine port of India: Kolkata Port

#27. Only Cantilever bridge in India : Howrah Bridge (Kolkata)

#28. Largest golf course of India: In Kolkata (Royal Calcutta Golf Club)

#29. Largest second hand book market in India: College street ( also second in the world). Kolkata

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