The top 10 smartphones of 2017 are the ones that make you crazy

Top 10 Smartphones of 217

If you are too crazy about the gadget, So we have brought for you the look of some of the best smartphones in 2017. The 2017 smartphone is very special for the world. This year many new technologies came along, as well as great phones like iPhone X, Pixel 2 and Galaxy Note 8. If you are too crazy about the gadget then we have brought for you some of the best smartphones of 2017 that appear to compete with each other in terms of design, look and display …

Galaxy S8 plus

The Galaxy S8 Plus, a smart smartphone with 6.2 inch big and super AMOLED QHD display, is also in demand for this year. Samsung has reduced its prices too. In this case, this phone comes true in every case of camera, display and use.

 Galaxy Note 8

Like Apple, Samsung also launched Galaxy Note 8 this year with the best display and the camera to shoot stunning photos. This phone is one of the best gadgets this year. Its dual camera makes it more special..

Google Pixel 2

Keeping in mind the likes of photography enthusiasts, Google launched Google Pixel 2 this year. Google has proved this smartphone that there is no need to put two lenses for smartphones with great background pictures of the background blur (Bokeh Effect). In terms of camera, this smartphone competes directly from iPhone X to other camera smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Due to its special display and design, this smart phone of Xiaomi  has been in this year’s lot of discussions. Its ceramic design separates it from any other smartphone. Xiaomi  India launched its premium smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 in October. This smartphone has a rear camera of 12 megapixels and a 5 megapixel camera with front camera facial recognition technology has been given.

 iPhone X

Apple, the world’s smartest King of the Smartphone, launched the iPhone X this year to make its 10-year journey memorable. With the launch, this phone became demanding all over the world.

Even after the initial price of about Rs. 89 thousand, the condition is that Apple is not fulfilling the demand for the iPhone X.

iPhone 8 Plus

Apple’s smartphone among iPhone X’s discussions iPhone 8 Plus has not been able to get much headlines this year, but this smartphone is a great one. Especially if you are buying the iPhone for the first time, it can prove to be a good option for you.

One Plus 5T

There are several latest features in the recently launched One Plus 5T. This smartphone has Face Unlock, Dash Charge, Dual Rear Camera Setup. The launch of this One Plus 5T smartphone is competing from Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple, iPhone 8 and Apple iPhone 8 Plus.

 Moto Z2 Force

Lenovo-owned Motorola launched the Moto Z2 Force in the middle of this year. This phone has a Shattershield display. Along with this there is also a dual rear camera which supports the Moto Mod accessory. Lenovo has great potential from this smartphone.

LG V30

LG’s smartphone is beautiful to look at and its build quality is also very great. The display is beside the lace and its camera is very good. This smartphone is also the best in terms of overall performance. As a display, the Olead panel has been used in it, which makes it even better.

Nokia 8

HMD Global has launched several Android Nokia smartphones this year. The company has given a bold feature in its flagship smartphone Nokia 8. With the help of this technology, the handset captures video and photos simultaneously from the front and rear camera. Apart from this, you will also get Nokia’s 360 VR camera technology in the phone. There are many more features in this smartphone, but some features make it different from others. Speaking of Nokia 8, this smartphone was launched globally in August and after the launch in India in September, the phone was made available for sale from October.



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