Smartphones emitting the most and least radiation: Whose boss are you?

Smartphones emitting the most and least radiation and check SAR of your Mobile.

To say that in the contemporary world smartphone is a necessity, there will be no exaggeration. From calling for managing our daily routine to track our health, the small device works as a personal assistant who does not complain! But do you know that the smartphone emits radiation that can cause cancerous diseases like cancer? There is a definite research on the effects of cell phone radiation on humans, but exposure to radiation affects health. For radiation protection, the German Federal Office has collected comprehensive data on new and old devices on smartphones, which emit the most radiation by giving them special absorption rate (SAR) values. At a glance on smartphones that emit the most and lowest radiation.

We first start with smartphones that emit the most radiation and on number.

#1. Xiaomi Mi A1 | SAR value: 1.75

#2. OnePlus 5T | SAR value: 1.68

#3. Xiaomi Mi Max 3 | SAR value: 1.58

#4. OnePlus 6T | SAR value: 1.55

#5.  is: HTC U12 life | SAR value: 1.48

Moving on to the list of least radiation emitting phones, at no.

#1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 | SAR value: 0.17

#2. ZTE Axon Elite | SAR value: 0.17

#3. LG G7 | SAR value: 0.24

#4. Samsung Galaxy A8 | SAR value: 0.24

#5.  we have: Samsung Galaxy S8+ | SAR value: 0.26

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