What Government thinking about insolvent company and why it’s happening frequently?

In my small mind, I do not understand that our economic development is progressive, then 200 employees of JET Airways and IL & FS employees have become unemployed, Apart from this, companies like DHFL are going to become Insolvent, they and all employees will be unemployed for a while, there are many companies with the same employee status as the INDIABULL HOUSING FIN., RELAINCE ADAG – These companies have blamed financial capital or not – one thing is that our government is saying to bring black money abroad – where all the companies that can not handle the country’s wealth are going to be insolvent, where all the Company owners are going abroad by the bank’s money, what is our government doing?

So one is willing to say that – First of all, think about the people of the country how to be ineligible, then all the audit firms who are paying with the promoters are using their money according to their own wishes, There is no responsibility of the government, people have shown SEBI and RBI – then there is no future for the general investor and the company’s employees, – Now again, the employee’s PF is not secure because IL & FS has invested with the money of PF, which now has a debt burden of Rupees 80000 crores. Only votes will be brought to the people by making people fooled by the fake money from abroad, and also to make all the stories coming out of Vijay Mallya, Mehul Choksey and Nirov Modi from abroad.

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