China is dancing to the whole world? What do you think? – Corona virus update

China is not dancing with the world at hand .. ??? It should be one of the whole world right now, boycott China all over the world. All third world countries that will be infected with this deadly virus should be blamed on China. Only China is responsible for this horrible situation all over the world .. China has to be held accountable .. The only fear is that the backbone of the world will not break.

China is getting rid of the corona virus very quickly Only one person has been infected there after closing one of the temporary hospitals. Only 13 people in China know. Doesn’t seem too strange to think ?? Don’t think this is possible ?? And it would be a little surprising to know that the foreign media, one after another, the Washington Post, the New York Times, The Guardian, are barring the media from many other countries so that they cannot do any Chinese news.

Italy, Britain, France, the United States, Iran are approaching the dreadful stage. But what a great scene you will see in the Chinese media Everyone is taking off the mask, hugging each other, everyone is welcomed as a hero .. Doesn’t look so amazing ??

So big Crisis but so fast recovery ?? The currency drop from the stock market did not hurt at all. So the advanced sixteen Khana Hospital was ready overnight, you believe they had no preparation for this ?? 2,00,000 Corona Virus Infected From 0 Infected All hospitals went away overnight Everyone cheered to hear that Matawara President was observing beautiful silence ??

As if the suspicion of being arranged like a movie is not all really arranged ?? Isn’t the plot to burn the world a bit burnt to the world ?? Isn’t it a conspiracy to become God by pushing the world into terrible danger ??

I heard that Hanuman was setting fire to his own lodge while studying in Lanka There was no use of Hanuman’s Lodge as such ?? If Chinese life-styles or eating habits are seen, it is easy to understand how cruel, how cruel they are, that there is no work they can do. If China has used this virus to become the god of the world, then it is no surprise that it may be too soon. But then the world will have the backbone to stand in front of China?

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