If 5th lockdown happens then economic catastrophe will happen in India, what will happen after 31st May?

The lockdown will continue till June 30, the Himachal Chief Minister announced.

The fourth phase of lockdown announced by the central government will end on May 31. The center has not yet said whether there will be a lockdown or not. But in the meantime, the Himachal Pradesh government extended the lockdown for another month. Today, Monday, BJP-ruled Himachal Chief Minister Jairam Tagore announced that lockdowns would continue in 127 districts of the state till June 30. The Himachal Pradesh government has taken this decision to prevent corona infection, said the Chief Minister of the hilly state.

Anand Mahindra warns of economic woes if lockdown extends again.

Lockdown is not just a financial loss. This also caused a crisis in the medical system. Patients who are not infected with corona are neglected in their treatment. Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra tweeted this a few days ago. On Monday, he retweeted that if the lockdown was extended further, the economy would collapse. At the same time, however, he commented that it was “not easy” to decide whether to extend the lockdown.

A lockdown was issued across the country on March 25. Earlier, on March 22, Mahindra proposed a 49-day lockdown across the country. A report then said that India had probably reached stage three of the corona infection. In that context, the industrialist said to lockdown. At the beginning of May, Mahindra had said that if India extended the lockdown period, there would be ‘economic loss’. That means economically it would be a suicidal decision. According to the industrialist, the lockdown could save the lives of millions of people, but at the same time it would endanger the weaker sections of the society. On Monday, Mahindra wrote, ‘New corona infections are on the rise. Now the test is more. Naturally, the number of corona positives is also increasing. But the number of infections in our country is less than other countries in the world. We can’t expect the infection to stop quickly. ‘ Mahindra later wrote, ‘Indians have fought together to prevent the deaths of millions of people. In India, 1.4 out of every 1 million people die in Corona. The average mortality rate per person in the world is 35. In America that rate is 226. Our health infrastructure is also better than before.

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